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I know this icon is supposed to be shouting...But,

2010-08-18 10:15:58 by NeoSkywalker

What should I do to Entertain my parents?!

My parents Are watching shows that are becoming downright way too fitting towards the culture of the Nightmare Marrionette... Surely there must be some way out of this mess!!! Seriously though!!!


Yes, I agree, of course I sound like an Owl Magazine sap, but people, COME ON!!! I need to entertain my own parents and it either has to be an inspiration, a huge one at that, to the EducatioGoth culture-(as well as the Anti- Smut goth) So, yeah....Turns out there was more to Youtube Poop and-yes, Even Strawberry Clock-that met the eye....

And yet it's gotta be this:

a Thing of a matter that it's like A program Mom and Dad had made up when (My Brother, Sour Peanut, Please...Look him up and uh, there with the advice that was ineffentiantly: "Buy a new tablet" When
I was "Just Practicing"....I'd like to know: do you still watch my films? yeah...) My brother was in pregnancy when Nickholais Train was in was going to be Ian and I's "Living Books meets Snuffed Toy Story Science Theatre 3000, The 5th Series" On the count of: There was this thing where hereby...Ergoes it, It's basically a program that was "MS Paint meets Renderman" which was so broken it started rifftraxing... It was going to be our first exposure to anime... It just failed in every existing format....I think that if this is either supposed to be the next Nightmare Before Christmas....or the next "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Meets Pinky and The Brain, thank you very much!!! Also, Remind me, Why is it that you wanted to do WHAT with my life? Preven me from -! Operation Gazar and I saw what you did there!!! Rocky And Bullwinkle... PROFFIT Proove nothing!!! Now please, if you kindly will, tellth me once, and twice, and let it be known that there doesn't need to be 3 of every single little freakin' thing!! So how do I entertain my parents?! HELP!!! It was Amoral enough as it was for the Mess mash of "Nickolai's" (by the way, you're an idiot for saying it's a franchise, OR that it was Purgatory in the first place) that it was essentially, IT LITERALLY had...(gulp) Hand Puppets for the Characters!! They just couldn't do it. Let alone animals re-enacting Pulp Fiction!!!

So basically: What I'm to say is:

/* */


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