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(walks out onto a stage)

2010-08-21 09:02:59 by NeoSkywalker

Prepare yourselves for:

My new persona:

If any sort of spoilers are to be revealed: Don't forget to bring your costume, and never never NEVER forget that it's GOT to have a white trenchcoat for da lab! Conspiricists may wear their hair in pony tails, but I say that's the problem with "SvdImach"...please, thank Myers for that fucking statement about my dad's visual mind again, and...I promise I won't show this hideous video of....a fallfed youngling in the facility mainframe of...*gulp*

/* */
....Prepare for the entire world of the second KUM to fucking life before your eyes...

(shows a night time shot of a Catterpillar Stormtrooper.... at sleep at night....


C:....uhhh....I'll get the phone...

(gets a call)

C:...what? That? infront of the whole city? ....uh-oh.

Caller: that's right....The Aardvarks want to come out to play...

C: Do NOT finish that sentance!!

Caller: now, Joe....Please...I'm an office drone land Shark who programs power ups all day? do you think I'm making One- Ups in a garden all day?

Joe: What Happen?

Shark: your mom.

Joe: Which one, asshole? the one that's trying to bring back two loser super heroes; a Crocidile and a fuggin' Skateboarder Cat...

Shark:...yeah, but are you forgetting something?

(shows Felicia Heckart, The Spoof parody of every. single. "Hot chick who fights people/wears leather/ biker; otherwise beat-'em-up action movie" woman with this time being an autistic savant that annoys people without knowing it sometimes...Keep in mind, she does infact kill every body quite nicely all the whatelse but talking to herself...anyway, at this point she has a motor bike and she's riding it (oh man, are you gonna hate what I'm gonna do to Y-Bot...)

Anyway, She only has one leg, and she's riding
Y-bot as an Akria bike looking like it's Canadian... WHAT INSIDE JOKES!?)

Joe: Yeah, I know! I know! But Pixar lied to us! Hence the reason this Fucker of an Imsoniac teenager is-!

Shark: Trying to blow herself up at THREE in the morn'?

Joe: Everytime, I swear to god, I might as well become-!

Shark: a wood carrying bastard?

Joe: Everytime, those movies parody themselves, I swear to god!

Shark: The Toy Marker?

Joe: To infinity and....?

Shark: Spy kids......(shivers into a bed)

Joe:Things could fly...

Shark: hehe.....Tell me about it......

Joe: We shall begin a new....

Shark: What about....

Joe: Forget the Nostalgia Bomb with-!

Shark: ............I throw mud...

(squeezes cigar and crumbles it.)

Shark: at that stupid DRAGOOOONNN!!!!

And there ya have it! My only self promotion that of a script part that I will never use!! HUTTAH!


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