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(walks out onto a stage)

Posted by NeoSkywalker - August 21st, 2010

Prepare yourselves for:

My new persona:

If any sort of spoilers are to be revealed: Don't forget to bring your costume, and never never NEVER forget that it's GOT to have a white trenchcoat for da lab! Conspiricists may wear their hair in pony tails, but I say that's the problem with "SvdImach"...please, thank Myers for that fucking statement about my dad's visual mind again, and...I promise I won't show this hideous video of....a fallfed youngling in the facility mainframe of...*gulp*

/* */
....Prepare for the entire world of the second War...to KUM to fucking life before your eyes...

(shows a night time shot of a Catterpillar Stormtrooper.... at sleep at night....


C:....uhhh....I'll get the phone...

(gets a call)

C:...what? That? infront of the whole city? ....uh-oh.

Caller: that's right....The Aardvarks want to come out to play...

C: Do NOT finish that sentance!!

Caller: now, Joe....Please...I'm an office drone land Shark who programs power ups all day? do you think I'm making One- Ups in a garden all day?

Joe: What Happen?

Shark: your mom.

Joe: Which one, asshole? the one that's trying to bring back two loser super heroes; a Crocidile and a fuggin' Skateboarder Cat...

Shark:...yeah, but are you forgetting something?

(shows Felicia Heckart, The Spoof parody of every. single. "Hot chick who fights people/wears leather/ biker; otherwise beat-'em-up action movie" woman with this time being an autistic savant that annoys people without knowing it sometimes...Keep in mind, she does infact kill every body quite nicely all the time-UNINTENTIONALLY...by whatelse but talking to herself...anyway, at this point she has a motor bike and she's riding it (oh man, are you gonna hate what I'm gonna do to Y-Bot...)

Anyway, She only has one leg, and she's riding
Y-bot as an Akria bike looking like it's Canadian... WHAT INSIDE JOKES!?)

Joe: Yeah, I know! I know! But Pixar lied to us! Hence the reason this Fucker of an Imsoniac teenager is-!

Shark: Trying to blow herself up at THREE in the morn'?

Joe: Everytime, I swear to god, I might as well become-!

Shark: a wood carrying bastard?

Joe: Everytime, those movies parody themselves, I swear to god!

Shark: The Toy Marker?

Joe: To infinity and....?

Shark: Spy kids......(shivers into a bed)

Joe:Things could fly...

Shark: hehe.....Tell me about it......

Joe: We shall begin a new....

Shark: What about....

Joe: Forget the Nostalgia Bomb with-!

Shark: ............I throw mud...

(squeezes cigar and crumbles it.)

Shark: at that stupid DRAGOOOONNN!!!!

And there ya have it! My only self promotion that of a script part that I will never use!! HUTTAH!